About the MacKenzie Companies

MacKenzie has been a leader in the construction contracting field for over 30 years serving clients in seven states.

Our highly qualified staff is experienced in the development of commercial, residential, municipal and industrial sites through construction, demolition and remediation activities. Our services include:

  • Site Development
  • Underground Utility Construction & Rehabilitation
  • Highway & Road Construction
  • Bridge Construction & Repair
  • Demolition
  • Concrete Construction
  • Trucking & Engineered Fill
  • Environmental Construction & Remediation
  • Brownfield Redevelopment

Others services include:  clearing & grubbing, land balancing, excavating, mass grading, landscaping, steel erection, box beam construction, sheet piling, box culverts, parking lot maintenance, snow removal and landfill construction

E. T. MacKenzie Company was established in 1982 in Grand Ledge, Michigan. As a group of family owned businesses called the MacKenzie Companies, it has now grown to add offices in multiple states.  MacKenzie is active in seven states and have been successful in construction activities for many years.

The MacKenzie Companies are recognized for a dedication to excellence that comes from completing projects on schedule, within budget, and to their client’s satisfaction.

Professional engineers on staff, both civil and structural, are able to analyze designs and provide innovative cost and time saving solutions. Our outstanding credit rating is a result of these successful business practices.

Working with a variety of engineers, developers, and municipalities, MacKenzie has been active from Michigan to Florida on a number of diversified undertakings. With the exception of certain specialty work, MacKenzie performs almost all tasks in-house, allowing tighter control over the construction schedule. This is particularly important for projects where road patching, specialty concrete/pavers, driveway replacement, and restoration play an important part in project success. MacKenzie has also never failed to complete a project or relied upon its bonding company for completion.

Not only has MacKenzie received awards for project design and completion, but is proud to say, awards have been given from its surety, for safety. For recordable injury incident rates, we have consistently been 24%-51% below the national average for the heavy construction industry. The safety program at MacKenzie is continuously striving for perfection.

E. T. MacKenzie Company is unique in that it draws upon the knowledge, expertise, and resources of the combined MacKenzie Companies. Accounting, legal, safety, and human resources are among the assets shared, with a network of technology between all companies. This provides a smaller company a great deal of latitude in dealing with the complexities of today’s workplace.

MacKenzie Companies is an Equal Opportunity Employer.