Our highly qualified staff is experienced in the development of commercial, residential, municipal and industrial sites through construction, demolition and remediation activities.

Site Development

We provide site development for commercial, residential and industrial projects. Our services include clearing and grubbing, land balancing, excavating, curb and gutter installation, paving and landscaping, mass grading and landfill construction.

Underground Utility Construction & Rehabilitation

MacKenzie specializes in the installation of underground utility systems and the rehabilitation of existing systems that have deteriorated or failed. Construction of subsurface systems includes sanitary sewers, water systems, storm drains, pump stations, and high-pressure fire protection systems.

Highway & Road Construction

As a state pre-qualified highway contractor, MacKenzie is capable of major road construction, landfill construction, restoration of existing roads, asphalt rotomilling and resurfacing, lane widening, engineered fill and compaction, and culvert installation.

Bridge Construction & Rehabilitation

The MacKenzie Bridge Division has experience working in the bridge related field for many years.  Our efforts involve the construction and repair of all types of bridges (multi-span, concrete beams & structural steel spans).  Activities include:  post tensioned concrete box beam construction, structural concrete construction, steel sheet piling, h-piling, tube piling, sea walls, retention wall construction, structural steel erection, concrete beam erection, and box culverts of all sizes.


As members of the National Demolition Association, MacKenzie is recognized statewide for our extensive work and experience in demolition. MacKenzie is licensed to demolish just about anything you can throw at us.  We execute site demolition, together with other construction activities to create opportunities that weren't there before.  By assisting local municipalities, site developers and community development groups, MacKenzie is also able to turn abandoned properties and contaminated sites into productive segments of the community, which in turn, provides jobs, increases property values, and increases the tax base.  We also provide 24/7 emergency services for assistance in fire-fighting purposes.

Trucking & Engineered Fill

MacKenzie's well-maintained fleet can deliver aggregate and perform engineered fill work, including subgrade preparation, structural fills, nonstructural fills, off-site fill material, compaction, backfilling, final grading, debris removal and disposal.

Environmental Construction & Remediation

The Environmental Division of MacKenzie Companies is a leader in the performance of environmental construction and remediation services.  Our staff and equipment provide demolition, site cleanup and restoration of environmentally contaminated commercial property such as brownfield sites, providing redevelopment opportunities where only blight and neglect previously existed.
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E. T. MacKenzie Company also offers:

  • Concrete Construction & Repair
  • Construction Management
  • Estimating - Design & Budget Consulting
  • GPS Machine Control Services
  • Parking Lot & Facility Management
  • Snow Removal

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